Wills Estates and Succession

Providing a broad range of services in this area including Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Succession Planning and Estate Administration.

Helping clients get their property affairs in order is very much part of our day to day work.

We are expert Will drafters, and this is so important where complex family arrangements, blended families and diverse property structure and arrangements can be factors. If family circumstances change then Wills need to be reviewed to ensure they continue to be appropriate. It is also usually important to have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place for both Property and Personal Care and Welfare. These provide for a trusted person to have the ability to make important – even life changing decisions should the person lose the capacity to make a decision for themselves.

Ross Dowling has a busy Estates practice. Our friendly empathetic culture helps put people at their ease when dealing with the loss of a loved one and the orderly management of property matters.

Many clients trust us to help with their overall Succession plans in which Wills, Trusts and other structures can be established or varied to cope with changing circumstances.